• About the PLP

    Supported Moodle Versions: 2.4, 2.5, 2.6, 2.7, 2.8, 2.9, 3.0, 3.1

    The PLP (Code name: ELBP - Electronic Learning Blue Print) is a block developed by Bedford College for Moodle.

    The download comes packaged with several blocks, all of which integrate together to give you a better Moodle experience than if you were to just use the PLP block on its own. The full package comes with:

    • bc_dashboard - If this is installed it overwrites the student list to use a much nicer looking one. It also allows non-admin staff to assign themselves to students, provides overview reports and comes with a reporting system which allows you to build up custom reports, perfect for when you need to provide people with solid numbers about PLP use within your institution.
    • elbp - This is the PLP block itself.
    • elbp_bksblive - This is a new BKSB block to work with the new BKSB Live hosted system.
    • elbp_timetable - This is a block which allows students to see their timetable, as draw out of an MIS system, or from the Moodle database, depending on your own requirements. This can be used just as a normal block on a course page, or as a plugin to the PLP, or both.

    In addition, if you use our sister block (GradeTracker), that gives you 4 extra plugins for your PLP.

    The PLP provides you with one central location where a student or any of their teaching staff can see their:

    • Attendance
    • Timetable
    • Register
    • Targets
    • Tutorials
    • Course Reports
    • + much more

    It also allows you to create your own plugins to exactly suit your own needs, in case there is anything not included with the PLP which your institution would like.