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    Grade Tracker 2 is now available as a Full release, version 1.0.0, supporting Moodle 2.9 and above.

    Please Note: This is an entirely new system from the old block_bcgt system, which supported up to Moodle 2.8, so it is not an upgrade, this is a new install and then any data you have in the old system will need to be transferred across into the new one, using the Data Transfer tools.

    If you have any problems, contact us on moodlesupport@bedford.ac.uk

    • Future

      Some of the key things planned for the future of the Grade Tracker, include:

      • Improved performance
      • More reports
      • More useful admin tools
      • A simple, integrated eportfolio system similar to a Mahara, to enable linked to criteria to portfolio activities
      • Access to our database of pre-built Qualifications and Units (possibly via a subscription)
      • Expansion of structures to allow for a wider range of qualification types, such as apprenticeships and work-based learning
      • Ability to report on the whole programme of study
      • Notifications - Notify learners when grades or comments have been added