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    Grade Tracker 2 is now available as a Full release, version 1.0.0, supporting Moodle 2.9 and above.

    Please Note: This is an entirely new system from the old block_bcgt system, which supported up to Moodle 2.8, so it is not an upgrade, this is a new install and then any data you have in the old system will need to be transferred across into the new one, using the Data Transfer tools.

    If you have any problems, contact us on moodlesupport@bedford.ac.uk

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      The Grade Tracker started life as a simple BTEC tracking system for Moodle 1.9 and over the years developed into a more sophisticated tool for tracking not just BTECs, but almost any qualification including City & Guilds, A Levels and GCSEs.

      Initially this was used just at Bedford College, but other colleges saw the system and liked it and wanted to try it out, so, with funding support from JISC, we began making the system available to the Moodle FE community, which saw a number of other colleges begin to use the system and integrate it into their best practices.

      In early 2016, with support from the Ufi Trust work began on a complete re-write of the system, with the aim of making it more flexible and easy to use, and as of February 2017, the new system is available once again for download, with the full 1.0.0 version released on Feb 3rd 2017.

      Minimum Technical Requirements

      Moodle 2.9 or above

      PHP 5.4 or above (with short tags enabled)


      Browser: Google Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Comodo Dragon