• Target Grades

    Target Grades

    Target Grades can be imported into the system and set for students.

    • Import average GCSE scores and using the ALPS points system (configurable by the institution or using provided defaults) target grades will be calculated.
    • Import actual Target Grades for the students.
    • Either type will produce associated UCAS Points (Where applicable) .
    • Aspirational Grades can be calculated or set that are separate Grades.


    Predicted Grades

    Predicted Grades can be generated for individual students (completely configurable by the institution as to what is displayed and to whom)

    • Predicted Grades can be calculated by using data input onto the Trackers.
    • Predicted Grades can be generated and input by the teachers (CETA or Currently Expected to Achieve).
    • UCAS Points are generated for each predicted grade.
    • Value Added calculations allow the system to report on Target Grade vs Predicted Grade results.