• Features

    The block will allow the admins/teachers to do the following

    Exam Body Specifications

    • Create Qualification structures based upon qualification body specifications
    • Supports:
      • BTEC
      • City & Guilds
      • A Level
      • GCSE
      • Bespoke
    new qual screenshot
    new unit form
    • Create Units and Criteria with descriptive details based on qualification body specifications

    Customise Course and Grade Tracker Links

    • Associate these qualifications with Moodle courses to produce trackers
      • A qualification can be on many courses.
      • A course can have many qualifications.
    • Configure which qualifications on the course the students are doing (optional)
      • By Default all students on a course will do all qualifications.
      • A student can do any number of qualifications on any number of courses.
    • Configure which units on the qualification the students are doing (optional)
      • By default all students will do all units.
      • Students can do any combination of units

    student units screenshot

    Link to Moodle Activities

    activity linking screenshot

    • Link Moodle activities with the units and criteria
      • An activity can have many units and many criteria.
      • A unit and criteria can be on many different activities.
      • An activity can be on part of a unit.
      • A unit can be spread over multiple activities.
      • A criteria can be on more than one activity.
      • (Optional) make a core code change to the assign and quiz activities to allow the linking to be done on creation of the activity.
      • Core Activities supported include: Quiz, Assignment, Turnitin
      • Any activity that can be 'graded' can be linked to the trackers.

    Mark the grid:

    • A single student and all of their units
    • A single unit and all of the students
    • A whole class and all of their units
    • By Activity/GradeBook
    • By student or unit by activity order

    marking screenshot

    Value Added

    value added screenshot

    • Produce automatic grade predictions
    • Specific and configurable to certain qualification families


    • Print the grids
    • Import and Export data
    • Produce Reports
    • Simple overview class and grouping reports
    • Full drill down reports; e.g. unit completion, assignment completion, target grades, predicted grades and value added
    report screenshotreport screenshot

    Customise the experience

    • Add Moodle Groupings
    • Turn on/off features (Predicted Grades, Certain reports (e.g ALPS))
    • Customise icons
    • And many more

    customise screenshot