• A Level

    A Level tracking was the second to be incorporated into the Grade Tracker. Unlike other qualification families, such as BTECs, A levels do not have criteria that need tracking. However unlike BTECs, A Levels will, in the vast majority of cases, require students to be on more than one qualification and therefore more than one Moodle course. The issue of providing an overview of a student's progress across multiple courses is apparent.

    The A Level section of the Grade Tracker will allow:

    • Overview of any number of different AS or A2s attached to a number of different Moodle courses.
    • Allow the Moodle GradeBook to be automatically attached to the Grade Tracker so grades are brought through to the Grade Tracker.
    • Provides student and whole class views.
    • Allows for Target Grades and Weighted Grades to be set.
    • Allows for formal assessments to be set up so that core assessments or grading times can be set for every qualification at the same time.
    • Allows for both attained grades and CETA grades to be set (Currently Expected to Achieve)
    • Alps reporting allows for temperature based reporting to be done on the data available.