The Grade Tracker can be configured to use ALPS value added data and its reports. There are three main areas where ALPS can be used with the Grade Tracker:

    1. To calculate BTEC and ALevel target grades using average GCSE scores.
    2. To calculate weighted target grades based from the coefficients produced in ALPS reports:
      1. Each subject area is given an ALPS 'Temperature' and coefficient.
      2. Using the previous year's data a qualification can be associated with last years ALPS temperatures, coefficients and national percentile ranges.
      3. Selecting a target percentile, or ALPS temperature, the corresponding coefficient can be used to calculate a weighted target grade.
    3. To calculate current ALPS temperatures for assessment grades and predicted grades.
      1. Take the attained grade and converting to UCAS points. 
      2. Using previous years data and ALPS temperatures and coefficients calculate the current coefficient using current attained grade and target grade. 
      3. Produce an ALPS temperature. 


    Alps temperatures can be used with:

    • ALevels.
    • BTEC's.
    • Attained Grades and Predicted Grades.
    • Single student grades.
    • Single subject grades.
    • Overall subject grades.