• Reporting

    Reporting within Grade Tracker allows both the teaching staff and management to gain access to a range of information. Reporting is split into two areas;

    • My Trackers and My Groupings
    • Dashboard Reporting

    My Trackers and My Groupings

    The 'My Trackers' and 'My Groupings' sections of the plugin allow teaching staff to get an overview of how their students are doing at the various Qualifications that they are doing. These reports give overview statistics and simple value added reports. They have different views depending on if the data is being shown by student, by unit or by whole class. 

    • Show students target grades
    • Show students predicted grade
    • Show students value added
    • Show number of units awarded
    • Show number of criteria levels achieved. 


    Management can use this section to view any/all qualifications

    Dashboard Reporting

    The Dashboard reporting section of the plugin allows those with access to generate completely customisable reports based upon a number of filters:

    • Reports can be done across the course, qualification or unit level.
    • All reports can be drilled down to show granular level detail or overview statistics.
    • Examples of some filters:
      • No students ahead of target
      • No students behind of target
      • No students on too many credits
      • Levels
      • Subtypes