BTECs were the original qualification structure that the Grade Tracker was written for. The following BTECs are currently supported in the system:

    • Level 1 - 5
    • Subtypes: Award, Certificate, Extended Certificate, Diploma, Subsidiary Diploma, 90-Credit Diploma, Extended Diploma,  Foundation Diploma, HNC and HND
    • Different specifications are supported depending upon the year or type. 


    BTEC Qualifications support the largest range of features that the Grade Tracker has to offer and it makes use of all of the views available to it. The overall features of the BTEC tracking within the Grade Tracker are:

    • Track student's marks at Criteria level.
    • Distinguish between Pass, Merit and Distinction.
    • Configure qualifications that contain the BTEC specifications. 
    • Unit selection can mean students on the same qualification are studying different combinations of units. 
    • Linking to Moodle activities the Grade Tracker makes the Moodle gradebook obsolete by allowing criteria level marking and feedback.
    • Calculate students predicted grades and let the student view their own progress.
    • Generate reports to ascertain how your students are progressing.